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Marine Drive – £2,746,565.00

Be the proud owner of Starwood, the private waterfront estate was home to the late, great, legendary 5-time Oscar Winning Director/Producer Michael Anderson. Some of his most famous movies include Around the World in 80 days, The Dam Busters, Orca, and Logans Run. His daughter is Laurie Holden, actress of The Walking Dead. 

Michael Anderson

I met Michael back in the summer of 2012 August 9th to be exact and I was to be one of the lucky ones to have been invited to his home and be his special guest. What a beautiful day and memory spending it with Michael and his beautiful wife, Adrianne Anderson.  Michael was a true gentleman full of class and charisma. We all spent the afternoon by the pool and it was one of my favourite memories that I will always remember and cherish.  Michael was 90 at the time and he could walk but had a cane. When I was leaving we were all at the bottom level by the pool. I said my goodbyes, but he insisted to walk me all the way up the stairs to the front door even though he had his cane. I will never forget his true class and character.

His former home is currently on the market for $4,488,000 in Gibsons, British Columbia, Canada, and sits along the beautiful Sunshine Coast waterfront.  It’s just  a 40-minute ferry ride from the natural and coveted community of West Vancouver, Canada.  Fresh air, pristine waters, a private serene setting with spectacular 180 degree Ocean views from all rooms. Imagine waking up to see whales, seals, and eagles. Tie up your boat at high tide or swim in your own private ocean oasis. 

There are 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms spread across 3 floors. Having been a grand celebrity estate, this house is meant for a multi-generational family holiday. Drive down a private gated driveway with lavish landscaping, split granite walls and lilied ponds to this waterfront jewel in “Soames Point”, Gibsons. The Lower level suite features a sun-drenched pool. Later, tie up your boat at high tide or swim in your own private ocean oasis. Build a second dwelling. Foreshore lease included. No foreign buyer/empty homes tax. 

The Sunshine Coast is a safe and beautiful community boasting some of the best outdoor natural activities in all of Canada. 

By Holly Wood,  Sales Representative, Certified Luxury Homes Marketing Specialist, Sotheby’s International Realty Canada

Country Office | Market Update July 2019

Tranwell Woods, Northumberland – £POA

As we dry off from June into July and the political climate is still as unreliable as the weather, we find ourselves in an optimistic summer. Lettings are far out pacing sales in frequency and demand, but even in sales we have found ourselves with the odd competitive bidding event for desirable properties. In scenes thought long forgotten, multiple buyers seem to be attracted to certain properties like bees to honey. And yet other houses, even our prettiest, don’t get a look in. So the questions is, “Why?” Well we think it’s simple, really. Price, price, price. Location matters too but price is winning out.

Having had a damp squib of a spring market, mainly due to factors outside of our control, some sellers have agreed that in order to achieve their move, they need to meet the market demand. In most cases this doesn’t mean being out of pocket; far from it! They simply make up the difference on their onward purchase. It doesn’t really matter, other than pride, what you sell for, as long as you buy with the equivalent discount and end up with the same change in the bank after all is said and done.

Little Thatch – £1,595,000

We have had some wonderful instructions recently, from footballers’ houses in Northumberland, views from heaven in Salcombe, Devon, rare thatched houses in Oxshott, Surrey and a you-know-you’ve-made-it house in outer SW London. For those prepared to be pragmatic and recognise that perhaps now is the best-ever time to move, our choice of properties is wonderful. At the end of the day there’s a great choice of property, sellers are keen to sell, and you are competing with the sellers bottom line. Wait until the market improves and the opposite applies. More competition, high prices and far from competing for the lowest price, you’re competing with another buyers’ top price. Surely that can’t be sensible!

Jason Corbett, Director Country Sales and Lets

Opportunity Knocks!

Lower Belgrave Street

Sales remain consistent with 2018 levels across Prime Central London which is encouraging. With the headwinds in front of us being Brexit, political divides and Stamp Duty, Central London has adjusted to the buyer sentiment. Nearly all sales have seen reductions in prices at some point in their timelines but what is very evident is the asking prices versus achieved sales prices are narrowing.

For the vendor, setting a realistic price in the first place is key. In such a diverse and vibrant city that is London, the architecture also plays a prominent role in determining size and stature. The best in class will shine, be that low built houses or high-ceilinged apartments.

Buyers have taken advantage of currency fluctuations as much as getting their ducks in a row financially and gaining knowledge of the areas they want to target. There has been a trend for fringe of area properties that offer a little more value as opposed to fully established streets but the tide is turning where perceived value comes to the fore. For the majority of buyers, a home purchase is a long-term decision and the savvy buyers continue to realise now is a very good time to buy.

Will Tremlett, Senior Associate, Residential Sales, UK Sotheby’s International Realty