Meet Polina Shchepetkova, Head of Russian Desk

Choosing the right agent for your needs is especially important when making large life decisions, especially for a new home or a new investment opportunity; you need a personal connection and mutual understanding among the parties. While Russian myself, I have been in the UK for almost 9 years and, before joining Sotheby’s International Realty, I was working with private family offices serving the needs of UHNW individuals.

Certainly, the Russian language is exotic, and having the ability to share the same mother tongue with my clients is a positive accelerator for business relationships. Having a deep understanding for culture, mentality, behaviours, traditions and values; I have an advantage in  knowing Russian etiquette and social sensibilities – this what truly creates a bond and makes business flow, hence more successful and enjoyable for everyone.

I once realised how challenging it is nowadays to find people in sales who would genuinely focus on your goals, instead of narrowing down the path towards a particular project. With my business approach, I treat my clients with the type of service that I would expect for myself. By having knowledge in economics and finance, I aim to not only provide all the details of the project, but also to expand the awareness on the area and city structures; I provide insight on market knowledge, and I inform on current economic trends and political plans. Additionally, my job also includes providing you with an honest education on potential weaknesses and risks.

I believe that, despite the complexity of any given situation, there is always a solution to be found. It is just the matter of the creative thinking and problem solving, professional support and knowledge from a certified team that aims towards the same result. I partner closely with the top professionals in the industry because they can provide complimentary services for my clients. Need an advice on the best school for your kids? Visa issues? Solicitors and architects? Security and chefs? Easy. I have established strong partnerships and can recommend anyone my clients would potentially need – all are Russian speaking specialists ready to address any kind of issue that might arise on the way. Such approach creates a feeling of harmony during the process and satisfaction upon completion.

I discovered, that quite often people need more time and specific environment to understand and follow their true goals and preferences. Hence, my main strategy is to remain transparent throughout the process and keep the client informed as an expert in the area, but also a friend. For me, the real achievement in this business is not just generating quality leads and closing deals but also making sure that my clients and partners are feeling satisfied and fortunate long after we work together. With most of my clients we stay in touch for years.

I’m on call for your questions about anything in regards to your life here in London, part of having a house here is about feeling at home.  People are the main drivers of any businesses. Long-term relationships are the key to personal  and professional success.

Polina Shchepetkova
Head of Russian Desk

M: +44 (0) 755 740 16 26
+7   (0) 905 790 36 06
T: +44  (0) 207 498 95 80

Owning a Private Island

From the UK to French Polynesia

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Recorded on Wednesday 13th May, 2020
1800h GMT | 0700h Tahiti

Join Guy Bradshaw, Director of London Residential at UK Sotheby’s International Realty, as we discuss the property market in French Polynesia. Jacques Menahem, Owner of French Polynesia Sotheby’s International Realty will give us an overview of the benefits of owning a private island, including price points, the right steps to take, and what to watch out for. Explore the benefits of having property in French Polynesia as we’ll answer questions about permanent residency vs. secondary home and island ownership. Find out what you need to know to invest, buy and rent property in that region.

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Guy Bradshaw
Director, Head of London Residential

Global Series – Cape Cod, MA

Guy Bradshaw
Director, Head of London Residential

In our next feature of the Global Series we travel to Cape Cod to interview Emily Van Giezen of Gibson Sotheby’s International Realty. I first met Emily in Los Angeles at a Sotheby’s International Realty conference and we have been part of the Next Gen group with agents from around the globe sharing ideas and knowledge. I’ve also personally spent time in Cape Cod as a child during summer holidays and loved the scenery and beaches it has to offer. If you are thinking about a second home in one of the finest areas in the USA I’d be very happy to introduce Emily and her team.

1. Which City/ area are you from?

Emily Van Giezen

I currently reside in Orleans, Massachusetts on Cape Cod- a fantastic coastal community. Originally I grew up in New Jersey just outside of New York City where I worked for a number of years before relocating to the Cape.


2. What are the best things to do/ see where you live?

Cape Cod is famous for it’s beautiful sandy beaches, sunsets, fresh oysters and seafood, lighthouses, and endless summer activities. Many love the accessibility of bay and ocean waters for relaxing days on their boats. It is also home to the last standing drive-in movie theatre on Cape Cod from 1957 which is a popular evening experience for visitors and locals alike. I personally love the Chatham Bars Inn and Wequasett resorts as well.

3. Tell us a little about your market?

Although we do have many year-round residents, Cape Cod is primarily a second home market. Summer rentals are also popular. Many originate from the Boston, New York, and New Jersey areas. We do see a number of folks from the UK and West Coast as well. The real estate market is active at all times of the year with core activity during the late spring, summer, and early fall. As a full time Cape Cod resident, it is delightful to experience these months as they come to life. During that time each year these folks help our local economy thrive. I’ve met some amazing people of which I still have close relationships with today.

4. What is your favourite listing currently on your books and why?

Lake Dr, Orleans, MA – $870,000

My favourite listing is one that just came to market. It is a custom built and well maintained ranch style home located in a private association. A beautiful inlet with a sandy beach that is private to the association residents is particularly attractive because of the dock and deep water access. In the town of Orleans (and surrounding towns), the list is quite long to obtain a public mooring. The home itself abuts seven acres of conservation land which means the backyard will always be screened with trees as it cannot be developed. Am I allowed to drop some branding? Professional media and details can be found at

5. How has the Covid-19 Pandemic affected your location?

Homes continue to list and sell daily, though the activity has significantly decreased in pending sales – about 50%. Despite this shift, value remains consistent. It is predicted that sales and rentals will bounce back quickly. The Cape is easily accessed by car and for many that will mean choosing this mode of transportation over flight when planning vacations. Interest in commutable second home markets as a future precaution is also very likely. Additionally, the current circumstances have launched us into utilizing and normalizing technology that has been available to us for a long time. Orleans, as are other towns, are quite close knit. Observing the community and small business owners coming together to support each other is incredibly heart warming. We truly are all in this together!

6. What are your best tips for living/ working from home?

Being proactive! I recommend:

– Starting each day with ten minutes of journaling. Write down 3 things you are grateful for, how you want to show up for that day, and a positive message to yourself. Be your own cheerleader!

– Ask yourself: Have I eaten? Have I showered? Have I done something creative?

– Also start this day with a list. Organize into high and low energy tasks.

– Build a schedule and stick to it. Include time for self care and honour your boundaries. What are your non-negotiables?

– Celebrate your small wins throughout the day

– Stay connected but know when to take a break and disconnect. Tune in to both your physical and mental health. Practice grace with yourself.

– Mental stretch: what does your 8 year old self need?

– InsightTimer App is my go to for guided meditation and calming music.

– Prepare for a more peaceful sleep and “brain dump” before bed. Write it all down and clear what is weighing on your mind. Calming tea also helps!

I don’t know the originator of this quote, but I write it down I’m my journal everyday: “When you let go of what no longer serves you, you create space for what is meant to be.”

7. Your best real estate story?

Selling real estate on Cape Cod itself! I meet amazing folks from all walks of life and have seen and sold some incredible homes. Experiencing the positive energy of visitors and homeowners is electric as Cape Cod is a safe and special place. They are excited to be here. My parents first purchased their own property when I was just three months old and we have been summering here ever since until permanently relocating. Everyday is my best story as I observed my parents live out their dream, now I am able to help others do the same. Including my own! I love having the creative freedom to take my business and listings to the next level because an artist, I practice art through operating my business. Client satisfaction is the greatest measure of this success.

8. Where is on your travel bucket list?

My list is quite long! Most places in Europe, Dubai, Tulum, and Iceland are at the top.

9. And finally…….. when are you coming to visit us in London!?

Londonnnn! I have always wanted to visit during the holidays. Hopefully early December!

Spotlight on The Chalfonts

The Chalfonts is the collective name for a group of charming villages in Buckinghamshire, not far to the north west of London. Incidentally, Chalfont means chalk spring, in reference to the water carrying capacities of the local terrain. This group of villages comprises Chalfont St Peter, Chalfont St Giles and Little Chalfont.

Chalfont St Peter is one of the largest villages in the United Kingdom due to the proximity of Gerrards Cross railway station, which lies between London Marylebone and Birmingham Snow Hill on the Chiltern Main Line. The first major development of the village was in the Georgian era, however most of the original Georgian shops have been demolished although some still remain. Chalfont St Peter is often described as the Gateway to the Chiltern Hills. It has many places to stay, the most notable being The Greyhound, which is situated at the foot of the village on the banks of the River Misbourne. Chalfont St Peter has excellent transport links with easy access to the M25, M40 and both mainline and underground train stations into London.

Chalfont St Giles is a delightful village on the edge of the Chilterns in an area of outstanding natural beauty. It is 21 miles (33.6 km) west-north-west of Charing Cross and central London, and it is near Chalfont St Peter, Little Chalfont and Amersham. Milton’s Cottage is in Chalfont St Giles, it was the former home of writer John Milton of Paradise Lost fame and is open to the public as the writer’s museum.

Chalfont St Giles is in an area of outstanding natural beauty on the edge of the Chiltern Hills. It has much to offer the visitor including sightseeing, refreshments and shopping. It also encompasses the smaller village of Jordans, famous as the last resting place of William Penn, the founder of Pennsylvania, and his family.

Little Chalfont is a 20th-century creation made by the coming of the Metropolitan Railway. A station called Chalfont Road was opened in 1889. At that time, the area was remote from the centres of the villages and towns, and consisted of isolated farms and cottages, and did not have a specific name. The coming of the railway eventually brought local housing development, and a community developed around the station, which was renamed to Chalfont & Latimer station in 1915, a name which it retains today. In 1925 at the request of the inhabitants, it was agreed that the group of houses near the station should be named Little Chalfont instead of “Chalfont Road Village”.

For many years, Little Chalfont was split mainly in the Amersham Town Council area, and partly in Chalfont St Giles parish. In 2007 it became a village in its own right. The area benefits from both state and private schools with outstanding reputations and within easy reach. These schools include Dr Challoners Schools, Chesham High School and the Chalfonts Community College, as well a number of excellent infant schools, junior schools and nurseries and some great private schools.

The proximity and ease of access of the Chalfonts to the capital has made the area highly sort after and many luxury houses have emerged to attract the rich and famous to take up residence. UK Sotheby’s International Realty recognises the significance of this fact and are pleased to offer Chalfont Manor to the market.

The manor for sale with a £1-million home theatre

Chalfont Manor, Nightingales Lane, Chalfont St Giles


112 Bedrooms | 8 Bathrooms

Chalfont Manor is a Tudor style mansion manor house estate with an outstanding specification. The property has undergone a £5 million new build refurbishment to an exceptionally high standard, involving multi-award-winning designers. Further to the primary residence there is the West Wing, comprising two additional self-contained apartments. Additionally, there is a luxurious ultra-high-end entertainment complex, comprising games room, studio/office, ‘The Ultimate TV & Gaming Room’, and to top it all a £1 million Steinway cinema, thrown in for free, that is so phenomenally high-end that it has been independently rated as being ‘The Best Cinema in The UK’, has won the award of worldwide ‘Home Theater of The Month’ with AVSForum, and is a finalist for worldwide ‘Home Theater of The Year’ for 2020 (expected to win). Also featuring in another part of the property is a sizeable swimming pool and a sumptuous wine cellar.

John Fisher
Country House and Estate Sales 

t +44 1932 860 537 | m +44 7860 205 625

Research, Recalibrate and Reach out with our W1 team

We know your circumstances are changing, and with that comes questions about your future. Shereen and Diana are on hand to discuss both sales and lettings, to make it through the COVID-19 lock down. Every situation is different, and it’s worth a chat with the team about how to reposition yourself for the market when the lock down is lifted. Let’s discuss marketing and investment strategies.


When buying, selling or letting a home, research is usually the first step. You will want to know which areas are best for your lifestyle, which agent to use and what prices of properties are within the vicinity. Diana and Shereen have led many of their clients through this process from the very beginning. Assisting with research in terms of property portals, sending property links to one another and ensuring there is complete clarity when providing up to date and market chat. Both our brokers are always happy to answer any questions a buyer, seller or tenant may have through the process right until closing.


If you are looking to enter the UK property market; whether renting, buying or selling, now would be the time to recalibrate. In a time where most of us have the freedom to think about your next move, take a moment to gather your thoughts and assess whether you are in the best position to move forward. If you are already on the market maybe it is time to strategise with an exceptional agency and look at a new approach on how to maximise your property on the market. We can ensure that that you have everything needed when the market is ready to rebound.

Reach out

This is the important part of your quest when looking at property in London – reaching out to the right people and being able to communicate to the right brokers. For top-of-the-market properties, you want to be sure that your brokers are able to bring you qualified buyers and tenants – quickness ensures that your property will continue to bring high yields. You want brokers who understand how to handle a prime central London sale or let; even outside of the current situation, London properties often have parameters and limitations on ownership. Now that new legislation is changing constantly to keep pace with the effects of the pandemic, you need to be sure that your broker can guide you through whilst making the most of this opportunity. Diana and Shereen are always ready to make and take video conference calls to ensure they are connecting with their clients first hand.

Sales in W1Marylebone Square, Marylebone, London

£4,710,000 | 2 Bedrooms

A two-bedroom apartment in the anticipated Marylebone Square development. This is a spacious two-bedroom apartment within the building, located on the eastern side along Cramer Street. The apartment is designed so that natural light floods the apartment and open plan living. The apartment measures approximately 1399 sq.ft. and benefits from an additional study in addition to the two bedrooms. Marylebone Square is a collection of 54 high-end apartments, carefully chosen boutiques and restaurants, and a versatile community hall.

Lettings in W1Charles Street, Mayfair, London

£8,667 pm | 3 Bedrooms | 3 Bathrooms

UK Sotheby’s International Realty presents this stunning three-bedroom, three-bathroom apartment (approximately 1512 sq ft) located within an opulent stucco building in the heart of Mayfair. Spread over three floors this impressive first floor apartment comprises a stunning 15ft reception room, retaining its original period features and boasting two large French windows opening onto a south facing balcony overlooking Charles Street. There is a bright fully fitted and equipped kitchen with high end appliances, a separate utility cupboard with separate Miele washing and drying machines. Charles Street is located on one of Mayfair’s most prestigious addresses and is conveniently located for all the excellent shopping of Selfridges and New Bond Street , the dining (Sexy Fish, Scotts, Annabel’s & Arts club) and within walking distance to Hyde Park, Green Park and St James’ Park and great transport for Green Park and Bond Street Underground.

Get to know our W1 team

London’s most desirable locations start with a W1 postcode

Our team has +18 years of experience in Soho, Mayfair, Marylebone, Fitzrovia, St. James’s

Shereen joined the team in 2013 and undertook her first multi-million pound deal within her first few months, progressing quickly to the position of senior associate. Coming from a background in law and finance she has been at the forefront of associating herself with people from different continents, creating long lasting relationships with her clients and extending her help beyond just agency. Shereen loves W1. From Soho to Mayfair to Marylebone. the hustle and bustle that part of London offers, so she tends to spend most of my time in those districts, ensuring she is aware of everything that is going on from new restaurants to sold prices.

Shereen Malik-Akhtar

Senior Associate

t +44 (0) 20 7495 9589

m +44 (0) 7525 595 520

As one of the senior figures of the team, her expertise in this location and field is second to none. With over a decade of experience in the property industry and a wealth of local knowledge within Prime Central London, in particular W1 which she loves, it’s clear to see the repeat business and referrals that she receives. Diana has worked with many of the UK’s largest estates, including the Grosvenor Estate, the Crown Estate and other key private clients within Prime Central London. Diana provides a seamless service from beginning to end, maintaining constant contact 24/7 and is always available to advise or assist.

Diana Tran MARLA

Associate Director, Residential Lettings & Sales

t: +44 (0) 20 7495 9580

m: +44 (0) 7525 595 523

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London to Vancouver | Global Series

Guy Bradshaw
Director, Head of London Residential

Our latest in the Global Series interview takes us to Vancouver to meet Will Mckitka and Kevin Hardy. I first met Will and Kevin in Vancouver at the Sotheby’s International Realty Global Networking Event. They live and work in one of the most beautiful locations, and were the most hospitable of hosts when 1000’s of Sotheby’s employees descended on their city! If you haven’t had the opportunity to visit this City and the beautiful countryside surrounding it I would highly recommend a visit.

1. Which City/ area are you from?

Vancouver, Canada- Specializing in Downtown penthouses, luxury condominiums, and detached homes throughout the city.

2. What are the best things to do/ see where you live?

Kevin Hardy and Will Mckitka

Vancouver is one the great cities in North America blessed with the best geography. It’s natural beauty and moderately warm climate compared to most Canadian/ Northern American cities makes it a favourite for those seeking warmer winters. It’s also a favourite of International Investors, albeit that has slowed in the last few years due to introduction of several taxes aimed at foreign buyers. There are numerous ski mountains within 30 minutes of the Downtown core, sandy beaches, hiking and walking trails and extensive cycling routes throughout the city and of course the World Famous 1,000 acre Stanley Park. There are numerous golf courses open year round. Visitors enjoy an easy day trip to the Capital City of British Columbia- Victoria ( named after Queen Victoria) by way of scenic ferry trips through the San Juan Islands. Another favourite day trip is the 90 min/120 km drive along the Sea to Sky Highway to Whistler/Blackcomb resort, one of the largest and finest in North America. There’s a very diverse and multicultural food scene here to satisfy the savviest of culinary experts too! Vancouverites are friendly and welcome the world.

3. Tell us a little about your market?

Our Market had enjoyed an unprecedented growth and price increases year over for over a decade through the 2000’s. A series of Provincial and City taxes aimed at significantly cooling down the market were introduced 2016-2018. These include Foreign Buyers tax, Vacancy Tax, Speculation tax and Property Transfer taxes. The taxes eventually cooled the markets significantly. Prices dropped by 20% plus in certain segments. Detached homes in tony neighbourhoods which Offshore buyers had previously dominated suffered the most. Sales volume sank and prices slowly adjusted downwards over a 3 1/ 2year period.

Over the last year the market across the board has improved significantly and prices have been again rising slowly. The beginning of 2020 has been a much hotter market. Detached homes in certain hot areas have seen cases of price wars driven by multiple offers and home selling for $200,000-$300,00 over asking price. We were all enjoying the newly rebounding market until the recent COVID-19 outbreak. Our market in the last 3 weeks has come to a near standstill with most buyers taking a “wait and see approach”. There have been no signs of significant price reductions or panic selling to date. People in Vancouver seem willing to ride out this storm for the time being.

4. What is your favourite listing currently on your books and why?

My business partner Kevin and I currently have two listings that we are particularly fond of…

One is an amazing 30th full floor, 7,316 Sq. FT. Penthouse with incredible millwork and finishing. Five-bedrooms, eight-baths but the show stopper is an incredible 2,200 Sq.Ft. wrap around terrace that highlights every quintessential Vancouver view…soaring mountains, parks, beaches and ocean! $12,800,000.

The other is a beautifully restored First Shaughnessy Tudor Revival mansion named The Rosemary. This twelve-bedroom, thirteen-bathroom home is almost 27,000 Sq Ft. and features pristine heritage features and millwork. It’s a Vancouver landmark, The current owner spent four years and over $6,000,000 on a painstaking restoration project. It’s a visual feast with soaring ceilings, grand oak staircases and eleven fireplaces.


5. How has the Covid-19 Pandemic affected your location?

We are currently in a Stay Home directive meaning that persons are asked to stay indoors for the most part except to do essential shopping such as for groceries and pharmacy. All offices and retail stores are virtually close except for essential services. Real estate has been deemed an essential service in B.C. so we are technically allowed to work. Most showings are postponed and the use of Matterport 360 virtual walk through videos are generating buyer calls. We believe that the market will be stalled through at least June.

6. What are your best tips for living/ working from home?

The simple answer is good red wine and Zoom virtual cocktail parties! My Partner Kevin Hardy and I have found the value in maintaining a sense of humour and counting one’s blessing. Taking some time to reflect on simpler times and the little things one used to take for granted give me moments of joy or an unexpected smile. In the back of my head I hear my grandmother’s stories of tough times and how it brought people together in the Great Depression. It makes me smile and feel grateful. Kevin and I are contacting clients and Realtors via phone , emails and Zoom. We believe that it is a time to be sensitive and not appear to be self serving. There will be opportunities for the less risk obverse in the future. For most people the time for that message may be in a month from now, for others that are repeat clients/friends a more informal casual call is always welcome. We’re trying to get organized but like most other humans in this world today sometimes we fall a little short. Most importantly my partner Kevin and I have had a frank discussion to reaffirm the value we find in each other as business partners and friends. The Sotheby’s International Realty Family here in North America has been an incredible support group and terrific for morale as well. Sotheby’s …FOR THOSE THAT SEEK AN INCREDIBLE LIFE!

7. Your best real estate story?

Well I think that’s best left for the memoirs! I’ve been a realtor since I was 20 years old and over the decades I’ve seen a lot of changes and met a lot of people. Realtors are a special breed and generally an exceptional group of people. The best stories usually involve difficult people and heroic actions by hard working realtors. There is one great story that’s so incredible but the NDA does not permit such tattling.

8. Where is on your travel bucket list?

South America is certainly on the list. Also, I’ve always wanted to go to Canadian North – in particular, Churchill Manitoba in the fall when the Polar Bears are migrating and wander right through the streets of this tiny town accessible by rail when the ground is frozen solid. It’s a Canadian thing! I was planning on visiting Guy Bradshaw, this summer on route to Spain and then probably visit friends in Poland and Eastern Europe. I’ve told Guy to put the G and T on hold until the late summer or fall until the covid-19 crisis is more resolved.

9. And finally…….. when are you coming to visit us in London!?

See 8 above… Not soon enough…Guy Bradshaw owes Kevin and I a pint!

Global Series | Los Angeles, California


Guy Bradshaw
Director, Head of London Residential

The Next part of our global series takes us to Los Angeles, California where we spoke with Anton Smirnov from Anton and his business partner Jeremy have some sensational listings in one of the most fun markets in the world! Having watched the likes of Million Dollar Listing and Selling Sunset in Los Angeles its clear to see it’s a very exciting market place. I was fortunate to meet Anton last year and for him to show me around some incredible homes in Beverley Hills really showcasing the celebrity and luxury lifestyle that L.A. has to offer.

1. Which City/ area are you from?

Anton Smirnov

Los Angeles, CA


2. What are the best things to do/ see where you live?

This is Hollywood baby! We have some of the best beaches in the world and you are never too far from the Beverly Hills celebrity life. Los Angeles has some incredible hiking trails that have extraordinary scenic views. You don’t have to go outside of the city to experience this which is quite amazing.

3. Tell us a little about your market?

We get tremendous amounts of tourists flocking in every year. Many of these tourists acquire homes in Los Angeles as this city is a destination that somehow pulls you back time after time.

We had an unbelievable start to 2020 with buyers scooping up everything that was available; however, due to the coronavirus, the momentum that the LA market had took a hit. I am sure the whole world is experiencing this. Prices in LA aren’t necessarily trending downwards but sellers are nervous to sell as they do not want anyone in their home, and buyers are nervous to buy as they’re more focused on their health right now rather than the home purchase. Deals are still getting done but at fraction of the speed that we’re used to out here.

Los Angeles is known to recover from downswings faster than any other city in the world and we’re all looking forward to that recovery!

4. What is your favourite listings currently on your books and why?


We have an incredible modern architectural home coming this summer in the exclusive Upper Riviera of the Pacific Palisades in Los Angeles. Almost complete, this Woods + Dangaren designed home has over 10,000 sqft of living space with panoramic ocean and city views. It is located in one of the most sought after areas of Los Angeles. We are excited to see the project come together so beautifully and can’t wait to share it. Here are a couple of renderings. Listing Price – $24M.

We also have a very rare offering of a Penthouse condo in Beverly Hills in The Barcelona which is a very unique building. I represented my client on the purchase about three years ago and she now has decided to move back East. The building is exquisite and the 4 bed 5 bath top floor condo unit is like no other. Floor to ceiling windows bring in a ton of natural light and with windows facing East and South you always have the sun shining through. The rooftop patio has 180 degree views of Los Angeles. You can easily see the Hollywood sign from up there. Currently available off market due to the pandemic. Listing Price – $3.4M

5. How has the Covid-19 Pandemic affected your location?

We’re all on a complete lockdown which now has been extended til mid May. At this stage we cannot be outside without masks and gloves. It is really incredible to see the streets of LA literally empty and the highways with no traffic. This never happens. Everyone is taking the pandemic very seriously.

Best part is that my parents flew in to LA from Ukraine on March 11th for my daughter’s 1st birthday and now they cannot get back home! Ukraine has closed their borders, and all flights have been cancelled so they’re literally stuck here! The free babysitting help is always nice.

6. What are your best tips for living/ working from home?

I have two.
Have a routine and stick to it. Just like you would if the situation was normal. Implement new ideas and strategies to keep yourself busy and motivated because it’s not always easy working from home. I have a one year old running in circles around me while I am trying to put deals together right now so I personally really try to maximize my time when I have it.

Sometimes try to put work aside and actually enjoy this moment of being at home with your family. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to really build and prosper your relationship with your close ones.

7. Your best real estate story?

I don’t have a particular story but what I can say is that real estate has introduced me to some incredible people who have become close friends and all this wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for this industry. The connections we have worldwide and locally because of our job is remarkable.

8. Where is on your travel bucket list?

Right now I’ve put my travel bucket list aside. I am currently trying to get my family to Kiev, Ukraine. My grandfather is getting older and I want him to meet his great-granddaughter. I haven’t been back myself in two years now which is a rarity as I try to go home every year. When the travel ban is lifted, not only will my parents be able to go home but we’ll also finally be able to book our flights.
If I had to pick a bucket list destination I would choose a safari experience in Africa. I’ve had some friends go and they all rave about it.


9. And finally…….. when are you coming to visit us in London!

Oh yeah, also a place on my travel bucket list of course…! As soon as the pandemic is behind us and I get a formal invite from you, Guy, I will be there.

Top 10 Tips On How To Dress your Property and Doing At Home Viewings

During this period of Stay At Home and social distancing, doing our day jobs and showing people around your homes in person is no longer possible, but that doesn’t mean we can’t showcase your home and introduce it to perspective tenants and buyers. With the high-quality cameras available on most modern smartphones, shooting your own home video walk through or conducting live video calls couldn’t be easier, so I wanted to share some tips and advice to guide you through making your own videos so you can help us help you! Click on the images below to explore.

1. Remove all the clutter

The golden rule of home staging: get rid of all the clutter in your home. All floors and surfaces should be clutter-free and now that you have the time, your cupboards should be neatly organised. Storage is a big requirement and prospective Tenants are likely to ask to see inside.

2. Good lighting is essential

Make sure curtains are pulled right back and blinds right up to allow for plenty of light to flood your rooms. You also want to make sure you are shooting your video or arranging your video call during the day rather than at night to really show off the natural light in your home. For any darker rooms or spaces, turn on a light to help brighten them up.

3. Leave doors open

This is a great way for light to get into those darker areas of the home like corridors. Keep doors wide open so you can easily manoeuvre through the property and don’t have to worry about that creaky hinge interrupting you when filming.

4. Make your bed look inviting

It might sound obvious but plump up pillows and cushions and put a throw over the end of the bed for added cosiness. Given that the average human sleeps for 8 hours a day, this is a room they will use a lot.


5. Don’t ignore the outside areas

Coming from an agent who has done plenty of these myself, a true tour starts with a view from the street as ‘curb appeal’ means a lot to people. If the property has a garden or balcony, make sure you show that and not simply through the window as this is a key asset and often comes at a premium for any prospective tenant or buyer and should be emphasised in your video.

6. Camera settings

Check to see whether your phones video is set to the highest quality setting as a low-quality video will just frustrate the viewer. Remember, if someone is going to make an offer relying entirely on your video, they must be able to clearly see the content.

7. Know your route through the home

If you are recording a video of your home, have an idea of your route before you start filming, so the video runs smoothly with no sudden changes of direction because you’ve missed something.

8. Don’t move too fast!

It’s important you move slow enough for anyone viewing the video or viewing live through a video call to see everything clearly. Do a test run first and view it for yourself so you can see if there’s any areas where you are moving too quickly or not showing something clearly enough.

9. Positioning is everything

When scanning the room, it is important to do this from at least a couple of different positions in the room. I would always advise doing this as soon as you have walked through the door and again from the opposite corner scanning from wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling to show the room in its entirety.

10. Attention to detail

Make sure you highlight and emphasise any unique or charming features of this property as this could be what sets your home out against the rest. Whether it’s a stunning period fireplace, hand painted wallpaper or your home media system – zoom in and share the love as these are great selling points.

James Somers, MARLA
Head of Residential Lettings
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Explore living along the English Coastline

Portsmouth and Southsea

Portsmouth is a port city in Hampshire, England, with a total population of 205,400 residents. Portsmouth and Southsea are located 70 miles (110 km) south-west of London and 19 miles (31 km) south-east of Southampton.

Historically, Portsmouth has been closely linked to the Royal Navy and still a tenth of the city’s workforce is employed at the Portsmouth Naval Dockyard, which is directly linked to the city’s biggest industry, defence, with the headquarters of BAE Systems Surface Ships. With the contraction of the Royal Navy in the 1990s the City’s economy started to diversify significantly.

The University of Portsmouth was founded in 1992 as a new university from the existing Portsmouth Polytechnic. The university was ranked among the top 100 modern universities in the world in April 2015. The university has over 23,000 students and more than 2500 staff. Each year, people from 150 countries come from across the globe to join the University.

Portsmouth Harbour has passenger ferry links to Gosport and the Isle of Wight from the Portsmouth International Port, with a car ferry service to the Isle of Wight operated by Wightlink located nearby. Britain’s longest-standing commercial hovercraft service, begun in the 1960s, still runs from near Clarence Pier to Ryde, Isle of Wight, operated by Hovertravel. Portsmouth Continental Ferry Port has links to Caen, Cherbourg-Octeville, St Malo, and Le Havre in France, Santander and Bilbao in Spain and the Channel Islands.

Gunwharf Quays is a mixed residential and retail destination with outlet stores, restaurants, pubs, and cafés. Construction of the Spinnaker Tower began in 2001 and was completed in summer 2005. The 560 feet (170 m) tower is visible from 23 miles (37 km) on a clear day, and its viewing platforms provide views across the Solent towards the Isle of Wight.

Southsea is a seaside resort and residential area that lies at the southern end of Portsea Island. There are many opportunities to be had for residential investors to take advantage of the demand for long and short term housing for students and staff at the university. From modern apartment living to more elegant town houses there is something to suit all tastes and budgets.

Our properties in Southsea

The Country department of UK Sotheby’s International Realty is very active in introducing quality properties to UK and international buyers. Indeed, this week has seen a sale agreed in Southsea with the ultimate occupants being international.

See what value is available on the South Coast!

Fort View

Royal Gate, Southsea

The house retains its original features of high ceilings and large rooms with period cornicing and plasterwork. Over 3,400 sq ft of accommodation allows for spacious living. Elegant dining room and drawing room have magnificent views across the Solent and Approaches. Five bedrooms occupy the top three floors with two ensuite and a further family bathroom. The ground floor can be a separate self-contained annex with kitchen/living space and a further bedroom with ensuite. A well-proportioned wine cellar, external courtyard and entrance is also on this level.


Kent Road, Southsea

One of Thomas Ellis Owen’s finest creations in the heart of central Southsea.
Southsea is a delightful and mature seaside resort, located to the south of Portsmouth city centre and to the east of Old Portsmouth. It developed as a fashionable Victorian seaside resort in the 19th century subsequently growing into a residential suburb and large, distinct commercial and entertainment area, separate from the centre of Portsmouth.


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If you don’t know Lee Koffman…

If you’d like a market update on North London, or have a home you’d like to buy or sell, please contact us.

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I am a highly valued and trusted member of a dynamic sales team, providing professional client services and achieving tangible results. I have successfully negotiated a number of significant transactions of high-net-worth houses and apartments in St John’s Wood, Hampstead, Little Venice, Regents Park. Primrose Hill and the all surrounding areas of primary London. My friendly, enthusiastic approach is a reflection of my genuine passion for real estate. Through this I have established strong relationships with a large number of individuals, corporate clients, agents and property consultants.

Through relationship building and shear hard work, I have established a reputation over the last fifteen years for outstanding sales success in a competitive and challenging market. 
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Heathfield House

Merton Lane, Highgate

Exceptional contemporary mansion in Highgate located on a sought-after road in the heart of Highgate and occupying a two-acre site, a bespoke family home with the accommodation predominantly arranged over three floors with the benefit of a substantial, self-contained staff lodge. On the first floor is the master suite with bathroom, four further suites each with en suite bathrooms whilst to the top floor there is a magnificent home office with panoramic views over the gardens and Hampstead Heath beyond.

Elysian House

Ingram Avenue, Hampstead

A stunning newly built luxury home of grand proportions totalling 14,358 sq ft. This must-see masterpiece is set on Ingram Avenue, a highly sought-after leafy road in Hampstead Garden Suburb which is defined by absolute privacy by backing directly onto Turners Wood Bird Sanctuary. The property is within walking distance to Kenwood House as well as Hampstead Heath.

Glenilla Road

Belsize Park

A stunning newly developed family house (337 sq. m / 3,631 sq. ft.) nestled in the very heart of Belsize Park. This family home has recently undergone a two year refurbishment project whereby apart from the front façade, the house was totally remodelled. This home further benefits from having five bedrooms and five bathrooms as well as a lift servicing four floors.