We’re Hiring | North West London Junior Sales Associate

Location: London, UK

We are looking for a self-motivated, ambitious, and digitally savvy individual to join our Head of N/NW London in luxury property sales. The ideal candidate will have at least 2 years’ experience property sales and be looking to make the jump to luxury property sales. They would also have a strong moral compass, able to liaise with people at all levels and have a professional understanding of cultural and political sensitivities. A knowledge of St. John’s Wood, Maida Vale, Primrose Hill, Belsize Park, Hampstead, High Gate and beyond is a must. The ideal candidate will want to build their own business and book of clients as there is an uncapped potential for earning with a rewarding commission structure. An instruction winner and exemplary customer service levels are fundamental to our business ethos. There may be opportunities to travel across England and overseas as required.

The Junior Associate for N/NW London will report to and work closely with the Head of N/NW London. Though the office is based in Belgravia, and the role is quite mobile, therefore the Junior associate must be able to drive and have their own car; there is a petrol allowance and congestion fees are covered. The Junior Associate will benefit from access to a global marketing platform, international desks and an unrivalled referral network of over 1000 offices and 25,000 brokers worldwide.

Being tech savvy and willing to learn a new way of brokering properties is a must. We use innovative platforms that require self-learning to perform at the global level. A high level of comfort in the digital and social media realm is necessary to network across borders and through our current pandemic situation.


Contact us with your CV and Covering Letter.

Salary and commission commensurate to experience and on application.

Recruitment agents need not apply.


Please send CV and Covering letter to Lee Koffman, Head of North and North West London Prime House and Flat Sales

General Enquiries: london@sothebysrealty.co.uk

Jack Potter | Real Estate Work Experience Review

Jack Potter

My work experience at UK Sotheby’s International Realty has both been extremely enjoyable and hugely educational. My first experience in a working environment has taught me that collaborative interaction is vital when running a successful international business and how positivity in the working environment reflects company performance. The international network of Sotheby’s has also given me insight into how multinational companies run and the strength of global brand exposure.

Formulating a 3-page market report, allowed me to properly investigate the changes occurring within the real estate market and how social factors such as the pandemic not only effect the number of quarterly enquiries but alters client behaviour. Using my attained knowledge on the market I was then able to conduct property valuations, taking into consideration market strength, surrounding property price and location to provide them with a suitable value of how much their property is worth. After conducting the valuations, I then formulated a clear, structured document for clients portraying the pricings and a step by step guide of future proceedings. I was also involved in the formation of content creation and management for Facebook and LinkedIn using a platform called Hootsuite, using social media outlets to target potential buyers. Developing my marketing skills further, I received training on a design platform built for the brand that allows agents to create digital, print and social media campaigns all in one place. Using this program, I created several brochures for newly listed properties and individual agents as well as office window cards offering key information on the properties.

Shadowing viewings with both sales and lettings brokers enabled me to firstly understand the techniques used when interacting with clients but also served as a great way for me to discover new areas of London. I would like to say a massive THANK YOU to Guy and all the team for all your help. It has been an amazing experience and has been a great start to my year out. All the best.

Jason Morel | French Student Intern Review

Jason Morel, Grenoble University Student

I reached the end of my three months internship at UK Sotheby’s International Realty. Through this short article, I’ll try to summarize the memorable experience I just lived.

I was in charge of content creation and management on Facebook and LinkedIn. I used Hootsuite to schedule around 300 posts. As a result of my work, I increased by 14% the number of fans and by 58% the number of engagements on Facebook. Regarding LinkedIn, I boosted by 17% the number of followers and by 135% the number of engagements.

Moreover I worked collaboratively with the accountants’ team creating the annual fees report on Excel. It was a great opportunity for me to learn new skills. For example, I learned how to use pivot tables when formulating the yearly figures, providing relevant information to the head of the company. My previous training in Excel also enabled me to help my colleague who was having issues with computing payment delay. By creating a conditional formula using “Datedif” I was able to create a simple and efficient way to tackle this problem.

Due to my marketing skills developing rapidly throughout the internship, I was trusted with the project of creating a document that would be given to clients when valuating properties. Clients could then receive a clear, formulated document instructing them on pricings and future steps that will be conducted. It was extremely thrilling to produce something the company will use in the future.

I was also put in charge of creating the monthly internal newsletter for October and November as well as an article on the evolution of exchange rates.

Using my native language, I helped the company by translating property descriptions from English to French, targeting potential French clients.

Shadowing viewings with both sales and lettings, brokers enabled me to firstly understand the techniques which are conducted when interacting with clients but also served as a great way for me to discover new areas of London.

I say a massive thank you to Amanda and all the team for welcoming me even during this hard time with those unusual conditions. It was great to start my gap year with UK Sotheby’s International Realty. By the way, I am currently looking for my next internship, I focus my research on investment banking, wealth and asset management, or financial services. Any help would be very welcome, you can reach me via LinkedIn or via email.

Work Experience | Two-Weeks at the London Office

Upon starting my work experience at UK Sotheby’s International Realty I was unsure of what to expect. I understood that two weeks was not a particularly long period and I was keen to gain as much exposure to the Real Estate market as possible, whilst learning as much as I could in this short space of time.

I was not disappointed. From the offset I was guided me through the various marketing strategies that Sotheby’s International Realty deploys, and I quickly learnt how to use social media to maximise engagement. I learnt how to choose and position photos and create new content. I was given the ability to work independently and created a whole month’s worth of Instagram content, a task I found challenging yet fulfilling. I am very excited to see how this is received by their followers.

I was also fortunate enough to visit a variety of real estate. Exposure to these

£12,000 per week. Tilney Street, Mayfair, London, W1K

top-end addresses was extremely exciting and I thoroughly enjoyed touring around these properties. I took the opportunity to note the care with which the brokers studied the various features of these houses and took the time to understand clienteles demands and concerns.

The friendly and open nature of all the staff at the London office put me at ease and created an environment whereby I could ask numerous questions and thus learn a vast amount in a short space of time.

Following this experience, I hope to begin a career in the luxury real estate sector, and am keen to harness everything I have learnt across the past two weeks.

Reuben Barnard
Work Experience