No-Deal Brexit, Hard Brexit, Soft Brexit…its uncertainty is being felt on both sides of the English Channel.  While the UK’s future relationship with the EU is being discussed, we can suggest a solution completely isolated from both sides. For those looking for a nation with a soft taxation framework and an inspiring mountainous destination, we suggest The Principality of Andorra;  where you can benefit from passive citizenship and a maximum tax cap of 10%. 


Andorra de la Vella

The perfect destination for British citizens

Andorra is politically and socially a stable country with an extraordinary standard of living, the Principality of Andorra is a popular destinations for British citizens. Here’s why:

  • Favourable tax and tax legislation, open to foreign investment.
  • High solvency of the Andorran banking system.
  • Nominal GDP per capita higher than the EU average.
  • An unbeatable location between France and Spain.
  • The official currency is the euro.
  • One of the highest incomes per capita in the world.
  • The driving forces behind the Andorran economy: mainly the services sector, followed by the financial and the construction sectors.


Quality of life in Andorra

  • A safe country with low crime rates.
  • Ranks 2nd in terms of highest life expectancy and is 4th in the world in health.
  • 3 free educational systems: Andorran, Spanish and French.
  • It is also home to the British College of Andorra, which teaches the British National Curriculum.
  • 90% of the country is forests and green areas, with three national parks and hundreds of kilometres of ski runs.
  • Two ski resorts in Europe’s Top 10 for high quality and low prices.

Postcard from | Copa Del Rey Sailing Competition

At the End of July, UK Sotheby’s International Realty attended the 38th Copa Del Rey Sailing regatta in Mallorca. We started by visiting a unique architectural masterpiece in the heart of exclusive Port Andratx – exquisite (elegant) and beautiful a stunning home called Villa Infinity. Upon entering the breathtaking living room the views hit you immediately, and as you come around the corner you look into a gorgeous, expansive pool deck terrace with the infinity pool, relaxation areas, outdoor kitchen and Mediterranean garden. The Impact of the architect’s creativity and developer’s experience blend together seamlessly. Stepping onto the balcony of the master bedroom – the view over this iconic part of the island is completely breath-taking. It is an honour and privilege to be representing such a property to our clients. It’s a real treasure for the true connoisseurs of luxury lifestyle, a treasure that goes in harmony with the authentic style and wild island nature.

Infinity, Port AndratxThere are not enough words to describe what a pleasure it was to attend the 38th Copa Del Rey sailing competition in the waters of the bay of Palma de Mallorca. Relish, rejoice, and breath-taking come to mind. From the yacht of the main sponsors, we discussed industry changing projects with the members of the worldwide team. Watching strongly synergized teams enjoy their passion for sailing and competition along with the King of Spain was a truly delightful and inspirational experience. Sharing a long Spanish lunch on the bow of the yacht with the representatives of the global brand from USA, UK, Russia and Spain, I got the strong feeling of affiliation and union. Having the opportunity to see so many diverse people sharing common values and fundamental principles, passionate energy and professionalism makes me believe that our collaborations will inspire creativity and high-quality service. Such experience gives the fulfilling sense of being a part of truly international movement, that unites thousands of people under the roof of one home. It’s inspirational to know that we are all together and we are the real global team.

Over the course of the week we attended striking events for sponsors and participants of the sailing competition in the beautiful club El Nautico. I was lucky to meet and have a long profound conversation with the owner of this terrific restaurant chain; he puts an unbelievable amount of dedication, and hard work into his business and this annual event. I found out for you that he is planning to spoil Londoners with his new restaurant in the near future watch this space!

Magnificent: the level of delicious food, live music and first class service. This is what we are a part of.

Polina Schepetkova
UK Sotheby’s International Realty