Landlord Advice | Virtual Tours are a Necessity

Make your property viewable 24-hours a day!

Like many industries over the last 12 months, especially one that has been built on face-to-face meetings, real estate has had to adapt to survive and utilizing the latest technology has become essential for us to succeed in the new normal.

In particular and now more than ever as we find ourselves in the midst of a 3rd lockdown, virtual reality (VR) is one of the most effective tools available and here’s why:

For tours, VR can provide a 360-degree view of a property, 3D floor plans, and an interactive experience of the location.

Prospective buyers and renters can view properties directly from devices like computers, tablets, and smartphones anywhere in the world.

VR tours can help prospective applicants immediately envision themselves in the home – it allows people to explore a property in detail and to actively engage with what they see in their own time.

  • People don’t have to physically see the property to be convinced to make an offer.
  • VR allows estate agents to have a 24/7 open house, with no restrictions on viewings – ultimately maximizing your exposure!

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in both an aversion to human contact where possible and increased familiarity with digital tools. When buying or renting a house, people are therefore better prepared to complete the whole process online and VR makes this how process much more transparent, as buyers/renters are fully aware of the condition, size, and location of the home from the very start.

As an industry leader, we have fully embraced the use of VR and see this becoming an integral part of our industry, even after the pandemic is behind us. With restrictions across the capital likely to strengthen over the coming weeks, maybe days, it is essential that you are best prepared for what lies ahead and while estate agents can still show property for now, there is every possibility this might change. If agents aren’t able to show property and applicants can only view properties online then without a proper VR tour available, there is every possibility you could find yourself with a vacant property and no income.

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James Somers MARLA
Head of Lettings, London

Top 10 Tips On How To Dress your Property and Doing At Home Viewings

During this period of Stay At Home and social distancing, doing our day jobs and showing people around your homes in person is no longer possible, but that doesn’t mean we can’t showcase your home and introduce it to perspective tenants and buyers. With the high-quality cameras available on most modern smartphones, shooting your own home video walk through or conducting live video calls couldn’t be easier, so I wanted to share some tips and advice to guide you through making your own videos so you can help us help you! Click on the images below to explore.

1. Remove all the clutter

The golden rule of home staging: get rid of all the clutter in your home. All floors and surfaces should be clutter-free and now that you have the time, your cupboards should be neatly organised. Storage is a big requirement and prospective Tenants are likely to ask to see inside.

2. Good lighting is essential

Make sure curtains are pulled right back and blinds right up to allow for plenty of light to flood your rooms. You also want to make sure you are shooting your video or arranging your video call during the day rather than at night to really show off the natural light in your home. For any darker rooms or spaces, turn on a light to help brighten them up.

3. Leave doors open

This is a great way for light to get into those darker areas of the home like corridors. Keep doors wide open so you can easily manoeuvre through the property and don’t have to worry about that creaky hinge interrupting you when filming.

4. Make your bed look inviting

It might sound obvious but plump up pillows and cushions and put a throw over the end of the bed for added cosiness. Given that the average human sleeps for 8 hours a day, this is a room they will use a lot.


5. Don’t ignore the outside areas

Coming from an agent who has done plenty of these myself, a true tour starts with a view from the street as ‘curb appeal’ means a lot to people. If the property has a garden or balcony, make sure you show that and not simply through the window as this is a key asset and often comes at a premium for any prospective tenant or buyer and should be emphasised in your video.

6. Camera settings

Check to see whether your phones video is set to the highest quality setting as a low-quality video will just frustrate the viewer. Remember, if someone is going to make an offer relying entirely on your video, they must be able to clearly see the content.

7. Know your route through the home

If you are recording a video of your home, have an idea of your route before you start filming, so the video runs smoothly with no sudden changes of direction because you’ve missed something.

8. Don’t move too fast!

It’s important you move slow enough for anyone viewing the video or viewing live through a video call to see everything clearly. Do a test run first and view it for yourself so you can see if there’s any areas where you are moving too quickly or not showing something clearly enough.

9. Positioning is everything

When scanning the room, it is important to do this from at least a couple of different positions in the room. I would always advise doing this as soon as you have walked through the door and again from the opposite corner scanning from wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling to show the room in its entirety.

10. Attention to detail

Make sure you highlight and emphasise any unique or charming features of this property as this could be what sets your home out against the rest. Whether it’s a stunning period fireplace, hand painted wallpaper or your home media system – zoom in and share the love as these are great selling points.

James Somers, MARLA
Head of Residential Lettings
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